About Us

Perrin Industries was founded in Brisbane 2009.

It was established with a view to fulfil an industry need for professional services that provide customers with practical cost effective solutions for the safe storage of all product lines.

Garry Perrin (Director)

Project Management & Safety Over 30 years of experience in numerous Warehouse management roles. These include four years as National Warehouse Safety Project Manager for a National Plumbing Supplies company. In this role, he was responsible for the improvement of warehouse effectiveness and the implementation of national safety standards for the storage and movement of product. Most of the stores required complete reorganisation of the storage equipment layout and in some instances the relocation of the store.

Greg Marsom (Sales & Technical Manager)

Storage Equipment Over twenty years of experience in the storage equipment industry. He possesses intimate knowledge of layout design criteria, is familiar with all leading brands and a wide range of applications. Greg's strength is in his thorough and detailed application to layout design and carrying out of rack safety inspections.

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